Lisa Page


If you like to dive deep, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what I believe with all my heart and soul…

In fact, it’s why I do what I do…

Life is for living, and love is the way.

I’m not talking ‘romantic’ love…

I’m talking the kind of Love that

AWAKENS you to the Truth of life,

IGNITES the fire in your soul,

burns bright as the DESIRES of your heart,

and brings you to your knees in delicious rapture and utter awe of how PRECIOUS life is,

right here,

right now.

So you can live each day AS the Love and Freedom you are,

and go about giving your deepest gifts to the world,

through your life, your work, your art, your relationships, your sex, your intimacy

..and be RICHLY rewarded for it. [….and by ‘rich’ I do mean financial abundance, AND abundance and fulfillment beyond what your purse or wallet could ever hold.]

So have a look around, enjoy the ‘Intimate Conversations’, Sacred Poetry, and Inspirational Offerings here…It’s all here for YOU.

And if you feel inclined, feel free to drop me a line. I answer emails personally and would LOVE to hear from you.

BIG, wild, free, fierce, tender LOVE to you,

Lisa Page